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A rumor that has been circulating for several days appears to have been confirmed: the Isis mobile wallet will launch in its two test cities (Austin and Salt Lake City) on Monday October 22, 2012. The rumor received some credibility when the Wall Street Journal reported it today. Also, the twitter account @paywithisis, which is [...]

The month of March, 2012, will break the record for mobile commerce and mobile payments events in a single month with 18 total events currently scheduled.  The previous record was February, 2012 with 15 events.  This is one of the many indications that the Mobile Commerce / Mobile Payments industries are gaining momentum.

I attend many payments industry conferences and meet with many payments professionals, and I continually hear the same theme around vendor enrollment, also referred to as vendor enablement or vendor adoption. It is the single biggest hurdle for companies seeking to migrate from checks to electronic payments such as ACH or virtual card. Because most [...]

The current economic climate is forcing companies to pursue lean operations as strongly as ever. It’s a message that we hear at SunGard, and that you may hear from your employer as well. Lean operations are driven by the understanding that only the most efficient organizations survive. The latest issue of Financial Operations Matters, published [...]

NACHA, the Electronic Payments Association, is the organization that manages the development, administration and governance of the ACH Network. They recently proposed the Expedited Processing and Settlement (EPS) amendment to the NACHA Operating Rules (“Rules”) that would enable ACH entries to be processed and settled on the same day that they are originated. There are [...]

  T’is two weeks before Christmas and wherever you go Prepaid cards are big business. Rightfully so.   Promotions are tempting the shoppers to spy. Prepaid cards are a great way to get them to buy.   You can buy them and use them about anywhere, At the mall or the grocer, or to style [...]

Though they aren’t necessarily new, QR (Quick Response) codes are showing up everywhere lately. You can find them in magazines, on business cards, storefront windows, product labeling and displays, billboards or catalogs (just to name a few!). Users with a camera phone equipped with the correct reader application simply scan the image of the QR [...]

The Remittance Coalition held its second workshop last week, just prior to the start of the Association of Financial Professionals (AFP) annual conference in Boston. The workshops are designed to better understand the barriers to the automated reconciliation of payment transactions with remittance data. The participants included representatives from financial institutions, software vendors, corporate treasury [...]

Overall Winner – Visa with and EMV Leadership. Best of Show – TazTag with NFC Tablet Worst of Show – Antennae Hanging out of Your Phone Special Congratulations to my Friends at Point International! First Up Visa’s – It’s Easy, Open, and Free; So Far When Google announced with their wallet they used [...]

People often ask me, “Hey Mike, when do you think checks will disappear as a form of payment?” This is a good question; not just because companies like mine are focused on helping other companies Leave the Check Behind, but because checks are costly; they consume natural resources; they are subject to fraud; and they [...]